Getting Ready for Christmas at Johns Creek

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…!” School is back in session…the temps are cooler…leaves are beginning to turn…football is at the forefront…the hustle and bustle of fall is all around us. This must mean that preparations have begun for Christmas at Johns Creek!

Christmas at Johns Creek has become a Christmas tradition. This is our 18th year! Annually 2 packed houses come for this presentation and at least half of those in attendance are not JCBC members. Many bring neighbors and friends…some who do not attend any church. Others come from around the area and across the state. It is a wonderful time of worship as well as a great outreach for our church.

The Sanctuary Choir had its Christmas Party in August and have begun working on the music. If you have thought about singing with us, it is not too late to jump in! We would love to have you join us in singing…in Sunday worship as well as Christmas at Johns Creek.

If singing is not your thing, there are other ways you can participate. This year, we are taking CJC to the “next” level (“there is never not a next”…right Shaun?). We are expanding the cast and we need your help.

To tell the story of Jesus, we would like to involve more cast members this year, in addition to the shepherds and kings. We will be including 3 scenes from Jesus’ life, which will involve townspeople and disciples.
There will be no lines to learn.
We will have costumes for you.
We will have rehearsals planned to maximize your time.

What an exciting way to be involved in this powerful presentation as we enact the telling of the story of God’s great love in song!

One other way to be involved: many things go on behind the scenes and we need some backstage help…being sure the props and scenery are in place and that the cast is in at the proper time. This is a vital…but off-stage…part of the presentation.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities:
Singing in the choir
Being a cast member
Helping back stage

please email Glenn Crosthwait at or Olivia Sloan at We will be happy to give more details.

Above all, we ask your participation in this way: pray! Pray for us as we prepare…and pray for the people who will be attending. The great choral director Robert Shaw was asked how he could do Messiah year after year and still keep it fresh. He replied that he always kept in mind that for some people, this would be the first time they heard it and for others, it would be the last time. In the same way, this will be the first time some will hear of Jesus’ coming to be “God with us”….and for others, it will be the last time. Pray that we will present it in such a way that lives will be changed and enriched through experiencing Jesus in their hearts.

Glenn Crosthwait
Worship Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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