As we look toward Holy Week at Johns Creek, I’m so glad that we’ve decided to go “all in” as a church to celebrate what we believe is the most important week of the whole year. And today, I want to talk to you about our Good Friday worship service.

As we’ve been getting ready for this service, I’ve been reminded of a lyric that says “I cast my mind to Calvary where Jesus bled and died for me.” That’s exactly what this night is going to be about. To create space for us to come together and cast our minds toward Jesus, to remember the cross, to remember our sin that Jesus took care of once and for all, and to celebrate the truth that we get to live in forgiveness and freedom because of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.

I don’t want to let Holy Week go by this year without giving it the attention that it deserves—without letting its message work on our hearts. So I’m inviting you and your families and friends to join us on Friday, April 19th, at 7PM here in the Family Life Center as we remember the Cross – together. As we worship, we know that even though Jesus’ death may have seemed like the end, it was only Friday… and death did not have the final word.

Adam Courtney
Contemporary Worship Leader
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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