The point and purpose of Lent, is movement.
Lent, as a journey, is a reminder that we are headed somewhere.
This season of contemplation and confession, reflection and repentance only matters when we understand that we are in motion, moving redemptively toward the resurrection and renewal of Easter.

That is why I want to make sure you, and your family, make plans to attend each of these 5 unique programs and services planned during Holy Week.

  1. Palm Sunday. On Sunday, March 29th during the 11:00 worship service, our children will call us to worship with our traditional Parade of Palms. In this service, pay particular attention to the use of Palms branches. Remember it is from these palms of praise that we make the ash used on our Ash Wednesday service. It is a poignant reminder that from our highest moments of worship and praise, to our very lowest, most earthly and human moments of ash and dust, our lives are engulfed by the sea of God’s deep, deep love.
  2. Easter Egg Hunt. On Wednesday, April 1st beginning at 5:00 p.m. JCBC will host a massive egg hunt for the children of our community. The purpose of this event is to reach out to the families in our community and make significant connections with many who may not have a church home. In addition to the hunt, there will be face painting, a petting zoo, and a variety of inflatable bounce houses. In order to have the maximum impact possible, we are calling on JCBC families to be fully present and attentive to the hundreds of neighbors and guests who will be on our campus for this special event. There will be no Wednesday night dinner, or evening bible study that night. There will be Food Trucks from Chick-fil-A, great burgers, and tasty pizza, which will be available for purchase, hot and ready to serve!
  3. Maundy-Thursday Service. On Thursday evening, April 2nd at 6:30 p.m. we will gather for a meaningful time of worship, in preparation of Easter. We will consider the deeply moving events of that night in the life of our Lord and will experience the Lord’s Supper by way of intinction (dipping of the bread into the cup). This service will be a fitting culmination to our current Lenten Sermon Series, “Gethsemane.” As we consider the great weightiness of our Lord’s decision to empty his life out on our behalf and take the cup set before him, we too will have the opportunity to drink deeply and trust fully, in great anticipation of the resurrection that is coming.
  4. Stations of the Cross. On Friday evening, April 3rd, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the church will be open for worshippers to come and go at will, and to participate in the Stations of the Cross. This creative and experiential worship opportunity involves moving from one worship ‘station’ to the next, where there will be readings, reflections, sights, smells, art, and even activities in order to fully engage the worshipper in a multisensory experiential worship event. Worshippers can come anytime between 4:00 pm. and 7:00 p.m., but the event from start to finish usually lasts only 20 minutes in duration.
  5. Easter Sunday. On Sunday morning, April 5th JCBC will join millions of Christians around the world as we celebrate resurrection of our Lord. We will have two worship services on Easter: 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. There will be no Sunday School on Easter morning. As a courtesy to guests, seniors and those who are physically challenged, I am asking all who are able to park as far away from the entrances as possible, as we work together to accommodate the great crowds of worshippers who will join us on that day.

As we continue to move toward the activities of Holy Week, and the joy of Resurrection, may Christ continue to draw you forward, ever deeper into the mystery of His love.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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