Christmas at Johns Creek

Imaginexting Worship

We’ve been throwing around the term “Imaginext” a lot recently. “In Christ, there is never not a next.” It’s the theme for this fall and into next year. Shaun has said “never underestimate the power of a provoked imagination.” If we allow the Holy Spirit to take hold of our imaginations, He will lead us to places and in ways that we can…well…only imagine!

In our Worship and Music Ministry, we can look back and see how God has led us, how He has blessed us, and how He has empowered us. We could talk about numbers and programs. While those are important, because each number represents a person, the primary issue is how God used us through it all. We can never know this side of heaven the impact the Holy Spirit has had through you…and me. Each time we stand to sing or lead congregational singing there is something “other-worldly” about what we do. We need to do our best. I’ve often said “God deserves nothing less than our best.” But even with proper preparation, thoughtful theming, synergistic singing, and even alluring alliterations…☺…there is so much that we cannot control. If we try to “do worship” on our own…in our own efforts…it will fall flat. I’ve been in worship services where everything was perfect, but cold. I’ve also left worship services thinking, “I better quit, because I can’t duplicate that!” No. I can’t. And I don’t even want to try.

What I can do is admit that it wasn’t me. Admit that I can’t do this on my own. Acknowledge that I don’t want to do it on my own and if left to my own devices, I will self-destruct. I’m in desperate need of the intervention of the Holy Spirit. We all are.

So…what’s imaginext for us? What’s imaginext for our worship? For Christmas at Johns Creek? For our ministry to each other? For our outreach? For our music? For our video? Are you “imaginexting”? Maybe you have an idea…a God-given idea…of what could be imaginext. Email me. Text me. Let’s talk. God is in this. He wants us to think creatively about how we can go about His business. He wants to use us…to bless us…for us to live into our “next.”

Will you pray with me about what’s next in our Worship Ministry? Will you join me in opening up our minds…and more importantly our spirits…and ask our Lord to ignite our imaginations? Like never before, we’re walking through a threshold into what’s next. It’s exciting. It’s outside-the-box. It’s a little scary. It will require Him holding us up. Let’s imaginext together.

Glenn Crosthwait
Worship Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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