JCBC Youth Pastor, Announces Transition

It takes courage to get honest with your calling.

Two years ago, we as a church, and the Moores as a family sensed the call of God for Chris to serve as Youth Pastor at Johns Creek Baptist. By faith, the Moores ended their ministry at First Baptist Church of Madisonville, Tennessee, sold their home and made the move.

It was the right thing. Through prayer and discernment, we all sensed God moving in the call process, and celebrated the new thing God was up to in and among us.

That’s how it works. When we seek to understand the call of God, we make the best decisions we can with the information before us, and trust that God is always, at all times, up to something more than what we can perceive at the time.

And sometimes the very thing God has been “up to” comes as a surprise to us all.

This past Sunday, after several weeks of deliberation and dialogue, Chris shared the news that he and his family will be in transition again. Below is a copy of the letter sent to students and parents.

For the last several months my spirit has been stirring.  During these months I have been asking God a question: Did I hear you right Lord?  Did You really call me to Johns Creek Baptist Church?  Every time I have prayed that prayer I have been reassured that yes God did call me and He has had a plan and a purpose for my being here at JCBC.  Over the last two years we have worked together to continue JCBC’s legacy of great student ministry and began to expand that ministry in the midst of some major transition.  I am proud of what we have done together for students and their families.  As well God has used my time here to do some inner work in me.  I have learned lessons here and grown in ways that I simply could not have done anywhere else.  Some of the lessons He has taught me are to be more patient and to trust Him, His plan and His timing.  But it seems His plan and time for me here at JCBC has come to an end.

For the last several months I have felt more and more called to go back to First Baptist Church Madisonville.  At first, I was not completely sure of what God’s next for me was or why I felt so drawn back to FBCM.  But recently the purpose behind all of the stirring and calling became clear as the youth pastor position at FBCM became vacant again.  

Therefore I will be going back to First Baptist Church Madisonville in view of a call on Sunday August 16th and my last Sunday at JCBC will be Sunday August 23rd.  

Please know that the youth ministry calendar of events and programs have been planned through next summer!  Kep Pate will be serving as Interim Youth Pastor and teaching at The CORE on Sunday nights.  And Shaun and Michael will be working closely with the Student Ministry Advisory Council as we move forward.

Please be in prayer for my family and I as we make plans for our next in ministry.  And I look forward to praying with you for all that God has in store for the future of Johns Creek Baptist Church.  I believe the best days of student ministry at JCBC are just ahead!

We are grateful to Chris for the past two years of faithful service. We are also grateful for the hard work and planning that has been put into place to ensure a full calendar of ministry continues seamlessly. This preparation positions the youth ministry in a posture of great strength as the new school year begins. But mostly, we are grateful for the courage to be honest with his calling, and respond to it faithfully wherever it leads.

Please join me in praying for Chris, Amy and Mary Beth as they prepare for their new and next adventure in Loving God, Loving People, and Following Jesus.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Beth & Ray Laskowski
    August 7, 2015 9:06 pm

    You also have a profound influence on “the older tribe people”. I felt relaxed and peaceful when I saw you on facebook. Beth and I are still driving and riding around the country and still cherish our memories of the missions, retreats, and your ministry. Sincere greetings dear friend, until we meet again.

  • We are sorry to see you go but know that you are following your heart. We will miss your sermon about tour in laws great Christmas food. that sermon I shall never forget it was a classic. Preach on Brother


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