Not coincidentally, so many of the historic figures we like to quote say the same thing about service and volunteerism.  People whose lives fascinate and inspire us – people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa and so many others – all agree.  We are at our best – we rise – when we lift or serve others.

Perhaps they take the words of Jesus seriously.  He said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”  (Mark 9:35 NIV)  The servant of all…imagine that.

This past Sunday, over 80 new volunteers gathered to say in a single voice, “We’re In The Game!”  These folks have determined to answer the call and join the efforts of dedicated, existing volunteers in the areas of Hospitality, Technology, and Children’s Ministry.  They have joined together to lift others.  To become last.

In a wide variety of ways, the Hospitality Team will, indeed, be welcoming and informing the people who drive in our parking lot and walk through our doors on any given Sunday.  More than that, they will be helping to foster a sense of belonging – of place – in the lives of others.  It is from a sense of belonging that relationships are built, connectedness happens, and the courage to take new and next steps in faith is mustered.  Disciples are made.  Lives are transformed.  Lift.

Oh sure, the Technology Team members will be setting up and operating audio, video and projection equipment,  editing video, making films, streaming on the internet, formatting graphics and so many other things.   On the outside, to the surface observer, their work is astonishingly beautiful and altogether remarkable.  More than that, their work not only augments – visually and audibly compels and cajoles – the faith journeys, and worship of others, but so often, offers the last vestiges of hope in the souls of nondescript, unknown human beings.  Disciples are born or breathe new life.  Lives are transformed.  Lift.

On the outside, the Children’s Ministry Team cares for those who aren’t quite ready to care for themselves.  Bible lessons are prepared and taught and songs are taught and sung.  Children are fed, and diapers are changed.  Fears are calmed.  Tears are dried.  Smiles and hugs abound.  The team partners with and equips parents to “win at home.”  Safety and security is ensured.  Friends are made.    On the surface.  Underneath, the seeds of faith are planted and nurtured.  Young lives begin a journey – an eternal journey – of follow-ship and devotion.  This team helps shape and form hearts and minds.  Disciples emerge.  Lives are transformed.  Lift

We are grateful for those who have decided to Get In The Game.  It matters.  You matter.

It’s never too late.  There is plenty of room on these Teams, and other teams as well, for everyone.  Join in.  Volunteer. Serve.  Lift.

Hospitality Team – David White (

Technology Team – Stephanie Wright (

Children’s Ministry Team – Cass Brannan (

David White
Connections Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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