Be The Body

The church is intended to be the visible presence of the Risen Christ.

The church. This church. Our church.
The visible presence of the Christ.

The Bible says we are his body.
We are one body with many members.

All of us.
Each of us.
A vital part, with a role to play!

That means our lives must EMBODY his love.
Our choices must demonstrate to the world that he IS alive.
But, in US.

If the church (this church…our church) is the body of Christ,
Then we are called to live like him.
Better yet, we are called to let HIM live in us and through us.
His body.

When we do, something changes in us.
We BECOME like him.
We become grace-centered and patient with people.
His priorities and passions become OUR priorities and passions.

We go where JESUS would go.
We do what JESUS would do.
We love whom JESUS would love.

When that happens, we the church (this church…our church) becomes a safe place, where broken, and struggling and imperfect people can gather in vulnerability to be renewed, empowered and transformed.

That’s what it means to be the visible presence of the Risen Lord.
That’s what it means to…BE THE BODY.

Join us this Sunday, September 25th for a new sermon series entitled “Be the Body.”

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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