Many Taking the Plunge at Midstream

Great things are happening at JCBC Midstream.
In the first 5 weeks of our newly reformatted midweek program we have celebrated a surge of energy and connection among our people.

Chef Juan has not disappointed. With table fellowship being a core component of our Midstream experience, we have broken bread together and enjoyed every morsel. Between the noon and evening meals on Wednesdays, we have served a total of 1,480 plates. That’s an average of 296 delicious meals per week. (Not a bad jump from 30.)

Participation in various studies and programs has spiked and continues to grow. When you combine children’s choirs, Team Kid (Children’s Mission Program), Surge (Our student ministry worship experience), the Women’s Bible Study, the Midweek Adult Bible Study, the “Doing Life” Seminars, and Adult Choir, we have observed an average attendance of 448 souls on campus…on a Wednesday.

But more than numbers, there is a swell of another kind occurring at Midstream. We are attempting to nurture conversations that matter. Our aim is to target the kinds of studies that have true and significant impact in the lives of our people.

Whether it is the timeliness of a study on Islam, or the timelessness of a marriage seminar intended to equip and empower healthier relationships, we are attempting what I refer to as “scratch and itch” ministry. Churches do a great job many times scratching people where they don’t itch. Our goal at Midstream is to discover where our people truly are in the journey; understand what their real needs are, and deliberately scratch, in all the right places.

That is why both last week and this, we are surveying our Midstream audience. We are collecting a simple survey of 5 questions, seeking to evaluate the new changes in food, time of day, course offerings, etc. If you have not completed a survey, please pick one up tonight and leave it with one of the pastors before you go.

Next week at Midstream:
6:00 Church Business Conference
6:30 Facetime with the Pastor(s): Join the pastors after the Church Business Conference, as we host an open forum for theological inquiry and dialogue. I believe some of the greatest moments of theological discovery come from the unscripted dialogue that unfolds when believers plumb the depths of God’s mysteries, together. This session will be the first of its kind and will be scheduled strategically throughout the year. Some sessions will be Facetime with one Pastor; other times with two or more. Some of the Facetime sessions will have a theme. Others will be completely unscripted, and will follow the questions brought to the room by the participants.

I hope you will make plans to attend.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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