“We need to take out the trash.”
“We need to take a meal to the Smiths. They’ve had a death in the family.”
“We need to get on a budget.”

These statements could be (or have been) spoken by wives across the nation. But each statement indicates a different “we.” I heard one comedian characterize this as “me/we”, “she/we”, and…”we/we.” When she says “we need to take out the trash” she means me. She certainly doesn’t want me to cook the meal for the Smiths, so that time she means she. And the last “we”, means, of course, both…”we.”

I counted up today, and in my lifetime I have been involved in nine churches, as a child, adult, lay person, or staff member. Throughout the years, in every church, I heard “we need to__________ (you fill in the blank).” With few exceptions, the person speaking meant “she/he”…someone else. But it occurs to me that many things in church life should involve “me” and “we.”

As our church continues to “iMAGiNEXT,” many new and exciting initiatives are coming to the surface. Our media ministry is making great strides, having come a long way in a short period of time. It’s so exciting to think of what that ministry can lead to…the people it can reach away from 6910 McGinnis Ferry Road. I thank the Lord that these wonderful volunteers felt led to make this ministry a “me/we”.

What is God leading you to make a “me/we?” Something “we” need to do…and it will take you getting involved to make it happen. It may be joining a ministry already in place…music ministry (hint, hint)…children’s ministry…youth ministry…activities ministry…a long list. Your involvement would make a powerful ministry have even more impact. Or…it could involve reaching out in ministry in a new way. The Lord may be waiting for you to step up to the plate to make it happen.

As we continue to grow in the ways we minister in Jesus’ name, we need to keep in mind that, in the scope of the Kingdom, it all involves the plural “we.” We are all involved, even in the “she/we” and “he/we” ministries. We are involved through prayer support, financial support, and all the ways family members support one another.

Every Wednesday evening the Sanctuary Choir joins hands in prayer and after the “amen” we say “More Than Music, We Are Family.” As much as we are called and gifted to minister through music, we are called all the more to be family. To support. To love. To encourage. To pray.

Even in the ministries that are not a “me/we” for you, they are the plural “we” because they involve your family. Pray about where God wants you to be involved in a “me/we”. And also pray for your rest of your JCBC family as each person seeks the “me/we” that God has for them. And together, “we”…will progress the Kingdom.

Glenn Crosthwait
Worship Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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