Mother’s Day Images

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I believe that to be an understatement.

When you simply glance at any one of the Mother’s Day pictures taken at JCBC so many of you have stuffed in your bibles or carefully placed in photo albums, floods of words, thoughts, emotions and memories emerge.  A thousand just won’t do it.

To be sure, we will again offer the time honored tradition of Mother’s Day pictures this coming Sunday.  Immediately following worship, our photographers will be on hand in two venues.  For the more traditional approach, gather your family in the courtyard (if the weather doesn’t cooperate, look for us just inside.)  If fun and hijinks are more your style, gather your crew in the Children’s rotunda (1st floor Children’s area) where you’ll find the “photo booth” and all sorts of signs and props to make your picture uniquely yours.  The kids will be able to pick up a little something for Mom as well.  Prints will be available for pick-up in the weeks ahead.  Selfies are also encouraged and I’m sure somebody standing in line will be happy to snap a shot or two with your phone as well.  Post, tweet, share away!

Those what used to be Kodak moments on film – now printed digital images – serve to beautifully capture a moment in time.  But only that.  The more powerful ones…the images that provoke the widest array of thoughts and memories and emotions…exist in our minds.  They are the ones that immediately surface in the mind’s eye with just the slightest thought of Mom, with just the hint of her.

For me, the image that materializes when I think of my mom, is one where she is sitting on a beach towel spread on the concrete deck of the Shelby City Park Community Pool.  She’s wearing Jackie O sunglasses and a ridiculous floppy hat.  She’s packed some snacks for us in a paper bag.  She watches me like a hawk.  She’s worried because she is deathly afraid of water.  She wants me to enjoy myself – and for us to enjoy this time together – but the thought of having to jump in that pool to save me terrifies her.  She is, however, at the ready.  She’ll do it if need be…because she’s my mom.  That image reminds me of how important I am to her and of her immeasurable love and devotion.  In seeing it in my mind’s eye, I am reminded of how important she is, in return, to me.  It reminds me of all the reasons I’m grateful for her.  My heart melts when I see it.  I love her so.

I won’t be with my Mom on Mother’s Day.  I’ll call her sometime during the day and I’ll say, “Hey mom, remember when you used to take me to the City Park Pool?”

I know that many of you will not be with your Moms on Sunday either.  Some live somewhere else.  Some are no longer with you on this earth.  That’s not easy.  For some Moms who are here, your kids are grown and gone and you’ll be hoping for that phone call sometime during the day.  For some of you, your mothers didn’t work out so great for one reason or another, but there was a worthy woman who stood beside you and stood in the gap.

So on Sunday, hold their images in your mind.  Keep them in your heart a little while.

And then, grab hold of someone you love, smile real big and have your picture taken!  It’s Mother’s Day at Johns Creek.

David White
Connections Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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