A New Year Blessing

Have you met Janus?
In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of transitions; the gatekeeper of beginnings and endings.

In icon form, Janus was imaged as having two faces.
One face with which to look back (over what has been).
One face with which to look forward (into what is to come).
Traditionally, it is thought that the month of January is named after Janus.


Isn’t that what we typically do in this last week of the year?
In the King family, we certainly do.

Even though we know many of our resolutions will fall in the first 21 days, we make them anyway. We vow to exercise more. Eat better food. Strive to be more this, less that. We resolve and dissolve all our best intentions, again and again.

And why?
Because that’s what we do.
We look back. Reevaluate. Look ahead. And keep moving.

All the while, believing that in all things, and in all places, both visible and invisible,
we are being drawn. Tugged. Loved forward by a God who does not give up on us; or anyone for that matter.

And this God is really the One standing at all of our transitions.
Not only at midnight on December 31st, but at every midnight, everywhere, all the time, regardless what changes may come.

On this coming New Year’s weekend, may you become keenly aware
that whatever you see as you look back…
and whatever you to strain see, but just can’t, as you look forward…
There is One who sees it all. And sees you.

This One stands, tending every gate between what has been and what will come.
This One is Alpha and Omega; THE beginning and end.

May your 2017 begin with this great confidence.
Happy New Year!

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • You are so good!! Thank you for all you do!
    Even the things you have no idea what or when you are reaching us in our different places!!!
    Happy and a blessed New Year for you and your wonderful family.
    You are all loved!!

  • Bette Baker Simmons
    December 31, 2016 10:38 pm

    You and your family have so blessed our church. My His hand continue to cover you and all endeavors. Happy New Year 2017


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