What determines the direction of your life?
What force is it that funds and fuels your existence?
Is it a person? A perspective? A politic?

Where, at present, will the current trajectory of your journey lead you?
Does it lead to a life of increasing love, light and beauty?
Or to an ever-shrinking void of anything life-giving?

There is a path possible that becomes fuller and freer the longer we travel it.
But it requires radical transformation in how we view and do life.

Jesus called it the “Kingdom of God.”

According to our Lord, there is (at present) a powerful and eternal reality constantly breaking into this one.

It is God’s most holy and enduring domain of love.
It is here. And it is now.

Those who have the eyes to see it and ears to perceive it will experience the mysterious and holy presence of this divine dimension; not only later in eternity, but right here, and right now, in the very real moments that matter.

The way Jesus chose to teach about this Kingdom of God that was (and is) constantly breaking in, was through parables.

During this season in our nation and world, when multiple voices offer their best shots at defining what ought to matter most, perhaps it is timely for the church of this age to immerse herself in the teachings of Jesus Christ, so that we may not forget we are citizens of another Kingdom.

That is why on Sunday, April 10th, we will begin a new sermon series at JCBC simply entitled, “Parables.” For seventeen weeks, we will take an in-depth look at the Parables of Jesus.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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