It’s one of the hardest things that I have ever done.
Some days are great.
Some days are hard.
Some days I have tried everything that I can think of to do, and I just want to crawl into a ball and throw in the towel.

What is it? It’s this thing called…parenting.
In a simple phrase…it’s the greatest thing and the hardest thing all wrapped up into tiny, sometimes not-so-tiny, human beings, that my wife and I are responsible for.

We are responsible to make sure they get fed,
have enough sleep,
that their clothes are washed and dried,
that homework gets done,
that they make it to practice on time,
that they learn their manners,
that they are obedient,
well rounded,
and at the end of the day…ALIVE!!!

It’s life for us…in fact, it’s Parent Life.

As a parent, we all face the same things. It might look a little different in each of our homes, but I am sure we all want the same things as parents. But, it’s hard!

Sometimes we get the chance to get with other parents and share what is going on with our family and kids, but very rarely do we have the opportunity to be fully encouraged and loved on as parents!

This Sunday night, August 21<sup>st</sup>, we are offering a Parent Life event. It’s an event for parents of all ages…whether your kids are just starting preschool or they have graduated and have moved out of your home.
You are invited to a night of fun, laughter, worship, and a lot of encouragement. We will be encouraged by Karen and Greg Stubbs and led in worship by Casey Darnell. If you are a parent you will not want to miss this event.

Parenting… you weren’t meant to do it alone. It’s an adventure, but it’s the greatest adventure.

It’s life…it’s Parent Life!!!

Cass Brannan
Children’s Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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