Showing Up…Stepping Up…All Summer Long!

Summer Church is now here!
The call of Summer Church at JCBC is to show up and step up…all summer long.

During this season, when the typical story is disengagement and detachment, we are calling on ourselves to fully and deliberately engage the life of the congregation.
And you’re doing it.
You’re showing up and stepping up in some very tangible ways.
You’re showing up…
Many of you are making special efforts to be present in church each Sunday, and it shows. In worship, there is a life and energy that is palpable. Over the first two Sundays of Summer Church, we have welcomed numerous visitors and have celebrated as 10 more new members have joined our fellowship.
This Sunday, we will be pairing Sunday School Communities across generational lines to engage the study, “Sessions with Jesus.” The teaching and discussion promises to be fruitful, as we know from experience, our own personal sessions with Jesus change over the lifespan of our spiritual journey. I hope you are making plans to show up!
We are also seeing a surge of participation in our online community. More and more individuals are subscribing to our live stream, and are chiming in to let us know where they are and with whom they are watching. One of the benefits to subscribing to our live stream is an email that previews the upcoming sermon each week, and reminds you to tune in. You can subscribe now, by following this link.
And you’re stepping up…
One of the most tangible ways you are stepping up this summer is in your generosity. Did you know that contributions (to date) are nearly 10% greater than this same time last year? In addition, you have contributed (to date) 43% more than what has been pledged.
What a blessing to enter into the summer from a position of such strength.
Well done! Now, let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s NOT let up.
Isaiah 32:8 reminds us “Generous people PLAN to do what is generous.”
To that end, I want to urge you to be deliberate in your plans for generous giving.
Let’s continue to step up the consistency of our generosity, all through the summer.
Can you imagine what ministries and programs may be expanded if we come out of the Summer as strongly as we are entering it? May God’s own generous love continue to stir within our congregation, as we become more and more faithful.
Many have chosen to step up their consistency through our online recurring generosity options. I highly encourage you to get signed up today, and allow this convenient and consistent method of giving to become your next step of faith. Set up is simple. Click here to get started.
Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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