Summer Sunday School & Summer Church

“’Come with me’, Mom says. ‘To the library. Books and summertime go together.’”

Lisa Schroder

Ah, Ms. Schroder is onto something. Books and summertime do go together. I remember visits to the library and awaiting the arrival of my Weekly Reader in the mail when I was a kid. I also remember that lemonade and summer go nicely together, as do hot dogs and baseball games, and ice-cold Coca-Colas, and the taste of fresh tomatoes. Shifting away from food and drink, there’s the feel of sand and the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline. I’m actually more of a mountain-person so at this moment I’m closing my eyes picturing the Grand Tetons in Wyoming because, thankfully, that’s an image I can’t lose. To paraphrase the poet Lisa Schroder, summertime and many things go together…including Sunday School.
Summer 2015 has us taking bold steps toward a new schedule that will offer excellence in both teaching and learning with real time topics that will be well worth the investment of your time. June will offer 10 Combinations of Communities with a common set of lessons and July will have all adults in the Gym for a three part seminar that I will lead titled On Being Baptist. August 2 will have all Communities back home with a common lesson framing the Fall and August 9 will be Big Breakfast/New Term.
So please, please take a vacation (or two) this summer). Hit the beach, or see the Grand Tetons or visit the Mouse or just chill at the lake. But…when you are at home, join us for Summer Church & Summer Sunday School. Youth and Children will have regular Sunday School with few alterations. Adults will enjoy a change-up that will be refreshing. Join us and make a new memory!
Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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