These last 20 years have offered me a chance to work with an incredible group of Baptists- Cooperative ones who have taught me about serving in love throughout the world, and right here at our church. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work at Johns Creek with Bill Self? He’s not the only legend on staff. There’s Michael, Glenn, David, and formerly, Rickey, Jim, Tammy, Steve, and others who served as a team and a support to my ministry. These pastors have come and put down roots, until God called them elsewhere. And though I love having “all of my chickies in the nest”, and hate it when good friends leave, I continue to be amazed at God providing new friends like Chris, and a leader like Shaun, who is wise beyond his years.
In case you hadn’t noticed, I can be a little disorganized. I have the ideas, know the people, and have the big picture vision. What I so desperately need is an organized friend who becomes my sidekick in ministry. God has continually provided that! How good God is! Kristen, lovingly put up with me the longest, 10 years! After that, Heidi, then came to attempt to organize me. When that failed, she made sure that the template was made so that Shelaine, my current co-minister, and I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. These women have made my life a dream! They have provided so much of the work, and all of the counseling, if things fell apart. Thank you, God!
So the walls in the children’s halls have been lovingly hand painted, the weekday preschool is thriving, a brand new playground will be installed in early June, and new safety and check-in systems, are not too far off!
How could I not thrive with the support I have from fellow staff, working alongside the world’s most committed volunteers, receiving training and guidance from our national CBF people and programs. Thanks be to our Lord, for the challenges that 36 years in the “same” job in 3 locations bring. Eternal thanks for the lessons of what to do and what never to do again, for the lives that have intersected with mine, for the life long friends I will always call on, for the chance to serve the Kingdom and be served richly, and well by our Father.
It’s time to ImagineXt for children’s ministry. Let go and let God. Pray, volunteer, invite because the best is yet to come for JCBC. “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.
Jill Jenkins
Children’s Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Jan Blankenhip
    April 27, 2015 12:45 pm

    I really hate “good-byes” and this sounds like a big and final one….after 36 years of service to our children and their ministry. How fortunate they have been and how fortunate we have been for your have forged the path of so many young minds!!! Although our children were past their “young” years and did not benefit from your TLC and teaching, I know they would have been richly rewarded with such a blessing and would have loved you!! I have had you on my mind so much the past few weeks (ever since you made the “announcement”) and I can already picture you “digging in your garden” and lovingly planting all sorts of beautiful plants to make your world a more beautiful place to live.
    I hope you are planning to stick around JCBC because you know you have a place in the Sanctuary Choir just waiting for you!! So perhaps, we won’t have to say a “final” good-bye, just a “see you soon in choir”!!

    Our love and best wishes to you and your family as you make this transition in your life!!!
    Jan and Dave Blankenship

  • When we came to JCBC, our child was grown.
    So no Ms Jill for him. But we have seen the tremendous work and the fruit of their labor. Happy children being led to Christ. Bringing JCBC children through the troubled world and making a difference in their lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Blessings in your ‘next’.

  • Kim Carmon-Bishop
    April 27, 2015 8:47 pm

    I can hardly imagine our walls without you. I enjoyed volunteering under you, Loved the fact that you worked with what I could do and made a position for me, so I could serve our church and children.

    You are a wonderful blessing to JCBC and will be long after you are gone. I remember the day you baptist Garrett and the so many others that have or are going to be blessings to our church because of you. Your life has touched so many between VBC, and all of the other work you have done. Don’t you forget that.

    Then recently to find out you can sing too. My goodness, God gave you many talents and you have used them to His Glory!

    Thank you for allowing me to get to know you.
    You will be severely missed.

    Luv ya gal

    Kim Bishop


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