Two Big Events

Let’s get right to it.
There are two events coming up in the life of Johns Creek Baptist Church that you will simply not want to miss. Two events. Back to back. And here they are.

1. iMAGiNEXT! Super Session.
imaginextplaceThe further along we journey with Jesus, the truer and truer it becomes.

In Christ, there is never, not a next.

Regardless of where you happen to be right now, here is a fact: where you are, is not where you have to remain. We believe that Jesus is constantly, perpetually, bidding us to follow him into new and next steps of faith. Always.

That is why on Sunday, January 26th at 9:45 a.m., our entire Sunday School body will experience something unique. We will host a massive iMAGiNEXT! Super Session. The purpose is to provide the opportunity for JCBC members to be guided in a deliberate and reflective conversation about:

  1. Where they are currently in the journey of faith; and
  2. Where it is that Christ may be bidding them to take next steps; and
  3. How to get there.

Who is this for? All Adult AND YOUTH Sunday School Communities, as well as the teachers of our Children’s Sunday School Classes. (Children will have a unique group session during this time in the Chapel.)

Where will it take place? In the Sanctuary, lower level.

How is the session run? The group session will be group-led by our JCBC Pastors. It will be an experiential session. What does that mean? It means we will not simply present information. Rather, we will guide participants through specially designed iMAGINEXT booklets, complete with prompting questions, prayers, and exercises to help truly empower and equip next steps of faith. All work during this session will be individual, and kept private, between the participant and God.

2. SOUPer Bowl Sunday
SuperBowl14Post3One of the most exciting Sundays of the year is our annual High Attendance Super Bowl Sunday. In the spirit of friendly competition, our Sunday School Communities wear their favorite team colors, and strive to bring in large crowds of guests to experience Sunday School and Worship at JCBC. There is great excitement and energy on campus (and even a few awards for high achieving communities.) For many guests, this first impression of JCBC is a lasting one, as many join our fellowship and begin a new adventure in their faith journey.

This year, however, we’re taking the day to a new level. This year, there is purpose and mission far beyond the numbers. On Sunday, February 2nd, we are hosting SOUPer bowl Sunday, at JCBC. We are calling on all members to not only bring guests to church, but to call upon those guests to JOIN YOU in bringing cans of soup.

Yep. You heard me right. Call on your guests to come with soup-in-hand.

Two reasons.

The first and most important reason is to supply and support several local food pantries, such as the Norcross Co-op Ministries, 7Bridges, North Fulton Community Charities and Food for Thought, with much needed food. That is the primary purpose. With our numbers, we can make a substantial impact in feeding the hungry in the Metro Atlanta area. So, bring as many cans as possible to worship, and you will be guided where to drop them off.

The second reason is that there is something to be said for inviting guests to join us on mission. Your families, your neighbors and colleagues (like any of us) desire for our lives to matter. Inviting them to pack the house is one thing. Inviting them to play an integral part in feeding hungry people? Well, that’s something altogether different. And, if you ask me…better.

So…wear your team colors…invite lots of folks to church…and bring soup!

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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