Children’s ministry in a larger church looks very different than in a smaller one.  The time you get to spend with the kids gets shorter and shorter. You multiply yourself and your ministry through your volunteers.
But summertime is the best time of year!  And it is the most exhausting! You get to be with the kiddos- sub in the classes, head out for family nights of fun, VBS, direct day camps, and don’t forget chaperoning overnight Passport camp!  Oh the family antics and secrets you learn when you are with the kids night and day for a week with 9 to 11 year olds! Their humor, their kindness, their mischievousness comes through. And just try getting them to bed at lights out! How can boys stay up so late, and get up so early? How is that possible? How many years did the girls treat me to a surprise spa night – complete with sash, crown, red carpet and a mani/pedi? The ultimate pampering!
For me, it was a life changing opportunity at camps and church to see these kids lead their classes, act and perform in KidQuake, choir musicals, lead in worship, answer great theological truths, and even question their lessons, sermons and teachers all to get to the heart of the matter. What magic it is to see the lights come on in their faces, minds and souls as God touches their lives!
I have been blessed with so much one-on-one appointments with kids to talk about social struggles, questions about whether there were dinosaurs in the Bible. That’s without mentioning, helping them grieve the loss of someone they loved; encouraging them when they struggled with establishing friendships; or were seeking to make a commitment to Jesus Christ.
What other job besides ministry gives you these opportunities? When else do you become acquainted with a person before birth, getting to celebrate the birth (tears), the faith development, and baptism (tears), the graduation (more tears), marriage (guess), and the birth of the next generation of children to be loved and guided into the kingdom?
Church, because it’s a family, allows these chances for relationship. Church, these 3 wonderful ones that I’ve been blessed to serve – Central Chattanooga, Roswell First and Johns Creek, have not been my jobs, they have been and continue to be my life, and my family. I can’t thank you enough for being with me on this journey!
Jill Jenkins
Children’s Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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