Resurrection Sermon Series

For ages, the dominant existential question occupying the human imagination was simple:
“Is there life after death?”

One honest look into the fragmented, restless, and soul-weary world in which we live,
and another question emerges, begging to be answered:
“Is there life BEFORE death?”

In the very human quest for meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and joy, here is what I know for certain: All of us are prone to pursue pathways and life-patterns that promise all of these things…and deliver none.

We can spend the greater part of our life-energy chasing the very best the world around us has to offer, and end up not only disappointed, but just as empty, frustrated, and exhausted as when we first began our desperate pursuit.

Jesus said, “I came, that they might have life, and have it to the fullest.”

There it is.
Life. Full. Abundant. Free.

So why pursue the empty promises that lead only to disappointment and death?

The resurrection of Jesus was more than a singular event in time.
It was a cosmic declaration FOR ALL TIME that true aliveness is available here and now, in every realm of our lives. But to experience the true aliveness of resurrection, it requires recognizing and rejecting every pretentious pathway to peace.

The promise is clear. Resurrection has come. True aliveness awaits.

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