Christmas Upside-Down: (Flipping the Script on Right-side Up)

At Christmas, God disrupted the world.
We don’t typically talk about the birth of Christ as a disruptive event.
But that is exactly what it was.

The birth of this child disrupted everything.
It disturbed the status quo and subverted the dominant paradigm about how to view and do life.

There was an unquestioned (even unexamined) expectation about how the world worked.
Hope, Peace, Love, Joy—were all narrowly defined, and barely within reach.

Then He came, and turned everything upside down.

In the birth of Christ, God was holding a mirror up to humankind.
And in the reflection, those with eyes to see would recognize it had been upside down all along.
He had come to make it right.

And in that way, He still can.

We STILL place our hope, peace, love, and joy in unworthy and ultimately unfulfilling places.

And even now, God still desires to disturb, unsettle, and upend these misplaced confidences, by birthing something so good, so sure, so holy within us that we never want to be turned right-side-up again.

So, join us this Sunday, for ‘Christmas Upside-down: Flipping the Script on Right Side Up.’

Have I told you lately how much I love being your pastor?
Well, I do!


Dr. Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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