Where do you [BE]?

It was the Greek philosopher Socrates who said, “To be is to do.”
It was his student Plato who said, “To do is to be.”
But it was the blue-eyed crooner Sinatra who said, “Do-be-do-be-do.”

Bad “dad-joke” aside, there may be some wisdom there.
Isn’t that the rhythm and the way of the Christ-life?
It is BOTH, a call to do and to be.

Rightly understood, however, everything we will ever do for Christ,
emerges from who we are in Him.

All of our works of service, compassion, mercy and love are motivated by
and arise out of our growing understanding of our identity in Christ.

Our doing is born from our being, which is the result of His doing.

It raises a question: Where do you [BE]?

Where is it that you allow your identity in Christ to be seen, known, felt, and alive?
Work? School? The Gym? The Club?

As you may know by now, October will be a terrific month of opportunity for JCBC.
We are preparing now for an important new worship series designed to empower our congregation to do their [BE] wherever they are!

BeSeriesWorshipFinal200px[BE] Belonging and Becoming in God’s Beloved Community.

In preparation we, hundreds of you have picked up your [BE] Campaign materials in order to invite as many friends and neighbors as possible to be a part of this life-giving study. Check out Pastor David White’s previous blog for simple and creative ways to use these helpful tools.

In addition to the car magnets, postcards, invitation cards, business cards, and social media tips and tools, I want to encourage one more fun and creative way to do your [BE].

If you are on any social media platform at all, post pics wearing your [BE] shirt wherever you go. Tell the world…

“I [BE] (fill-in-the-blank)! Where do you [BE]? #[BE]

Some of our JCBC Ministry Team has already gotten us started.





Post pics of you in as many distinct places as possible (near and far), as you deliberately [BE] who you are, wherever you are!

Let’s generate some buzz around town, as we invite our neighbors to [BE] with us!

Have I told you lately how much I love [BE]ing your Pastor?

Well I do-be-do-be-do!

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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